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2nd Grade Clay Owls

Owls are born in the art room! Original inspiration came from our study of Picasso and his pet owl!

We created oil pastel owls and then moved on to 3-D! Students used a pinch pot turned upside down for the body,  Here are our green ware clay owls drying on the shelf.

Now they are all bisque fired and ready for glazing!

 Glazed owls! The kids did a great job glazing and keeping the colors bright! Each owl had such a personality!

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King Tut Revisited!

I wanted to do a new and improved version of KING TUT this year with 4th Grade, and this is the result! They worked with thin metal and created texture with repousse techniques as well as color!

3rd Grade Ancient Greek Vases

3rd Graders love myths and legends! What a great way to introduce Ancient Greek Pottery!We learned all about the different types of pottery styles and their uses. We talked about different Greek heros and mythological stories. They chose a Greek God or Goddess to create on their pottery. They could also choose a myth as well! These are black and white crayon on orange paper. The culminating project was a scratch art technique on black paper. Pictures to follow!

Kindergarten and Kandinsky

Circles and Circles!  Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky loved to paint them! Kindergarten artists used cups and black paint to stamp circles in an overlapping manner all over their paper. Then the next week, they chose what colors to paint and created these masterpieces!