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Ceramic Pumpkins!

Through the years I have stayed away from "holiday art". I really have missed doing fun Halloween projects and this year I wanted to do something for fall and yes, Halloween. I offered this choice to the kids: You can make a pumpkin or a Jack O' Lantern. It was great! No holiday pressure. 4th Grade began by looking at and sketching a real pumpkin. From there, we reviewed the process of making a pinch pot out of clay. The students made two equal size pinch pots and they were pretty big! They stuffed some newspaper inside each pot and then scored them together. That was day one.
The next day they added groove lines to their pumpkin with a Popsicle stick and then chose to keep it a simple fall pumpkin or turn it into a Jack O' Lantern. They used a needle tool to "saw" out the face. Glazing was simple, because I really limited their colors! I had two shades of orange, yellow, green and brown. I encouraged them to mix and blend. They are beautiful!


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5th Grade Oil Pastel Owls

I have loved watching my 5th graders study and draw these amazing owls. They drew from a photograph, part of our "drawing from observation" unit. I don't usually do drawing from photos, and I would have rather been at the zoo drawing, but this is the next best thing!
We started with a pre-pencil drawing on white paper, just a warm up.
 They then drew their owl on black paper with white chalk.
I showed them how to blend colors and overlap light and darks.
I encouraged them (bribed?) to please fill in ALL of their background. Realistic or fantasy.
They were constantly reminded to look at the photographs for details.

They were also free to add in creative touches and make the bird and background their own. 
Some looked to warm and cool colors for their inspiration.
Others imagined what could be in the picture with the owl.
Every child's was special.
 Each of them had their own personality.
I loved how they showed a change in value with the oil pastels.
Some students kept …

2nd Grade Clay Owls

Owls are born in the art room! Original inspiration came from our study of Picasso and his pet owl!

We created oil pastel owls and then moved on to 3-D! Students used a pinch pot turned upside down for the body,  Here are our green ware clay owls drying on the shelf.

Now they are all bisque fired and ready for glazing!

 Glazed owls! The kids did a great job glazing and keeping the colors bright! Each owl had such a personality!

Yummy Cupcakes!

 3rd Graders had a lot of fun studying the art of pop artists Wayne Thiebaud and Andy Warhol! They made these DELICIOUS ceramic cupcakes boxes!


It's our first clay project for the year and many of the kids forgot how important it is to put enough glaze on! They will remember for the next project.
I love this one with the candle!